Broadwater At A Glance

Broadwater Academy is an independent college preparatory school serving Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12. Through a rigorous program of academics, arts, and athletics, Broadwater Academy develops the next generation of respectful, civic-minded leaders and productive citizens. Broadwater Academy graduates demonstrate a sense of excellence, honor, responsibility, and a lifelong love of learning.


FOUNDED                            1966


ENROLLMENT                       332 students enrolled in Pre-K program through Grade 12


ANNUAL BUDGET                 $3.5 Million


ENDOWMENT                       $1 Million


TUITION ASSISTANCE          $336,000 need-based financial aid


DUAL ENROLLMENT              For the 2014-2015 school year, 23 college dual enrollment courses 

COURSE OFFERINGS             totaling 80 college credit hours were offered to students Grades 11-12


COLLEGE                             100% placement in selective colleges/universities in the country


CLASS SIZE                         Average student faculty ratio is 9:1                 


ADDITIONAL PROGRAMS      Extended care, bus, summer and after-school camps   


FACILITY                              70,000 sq. ft. on 105 acres


TECHNOLOGY                       iPad program, campus wide wireless and interactive white boards


ACCREDITATION                  Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS)

                                           and charter member school of VAIS   


MEAN SAT SCORES             

GROUP                               CRITICAL READING           MATH                 WRITING

Broadwater Class of 2014               538                            559                       531

Virginia 2014                                 518                             515                       497


ATHLETICS                          24 sports teams for students in Grades 6–12 with 93% of the student

                                           body participating in one or more sport  


FINE ARTS                           AP Art, Studio Art and Vocal Ensemble course offerings in addition to

                                           multiple opportunities for student driven music and performing arts



TUITION                              Tuition range for Pre-K through Grade 12 is $3,950 – $9,425


ANNUAL FUND                     $95,000 in giving