From the Headmaster

Welcome to Broadwater Academy. No website can substitute for an in-person visit though this one should give you an initial sense of who we are and what we hold dear.

We offer a traditional college preparatory program designed to prepare young men and women for the challenge of college. We do this by teaching them the skills they need in order to learn, and then we train them in the application of those mastered skills to critical thought.

We begin this preparation process in Pre-Kindergarten and continue all the way through Grade 12. After that, we follow up to find out exactly how well we did and what we can work to improve. Educating and preparing our children for the future is the most important task we have as parents. When you choose Broadwater Academy to help you with that task you entrust not just the academic development of your child to us but the whole child. As important as academics are, we know the arts and athletics play a vital role in the fullest development of children.

Our Lower School program imparts a joy of learning and stokes the natural curiosity of our youngest learners. Middle School acknowledges the difficult transition from child to young adult and focuses on helping students learn to learn and identifying each child’s most effective learning style. Finally, in the Upper School, the program develops subject mastery and the application of newly acquired knowledge to diverse problems – critical thinking. Through all of this we continue to focus our attention on every student, every day.  

We document our success through test scores, university acceptances, scholarship offers, and college graduation rates. Beyond all that, however, please be sure we cherish each individual child in this community and are committed to the full development of each one’s academic personal growth. You can obtain more complete information about programs and admissions by contacting Carol Bowen, our Director of Admissions, to arrange a visit.

Jeremy McLean