Parents and families are invited to schedule a tour of the campus with our Director of Admissions, Carol Bowen, (757) 442-9041 x 114, Tours provide an opportunity to meet staff members, hear a description of the school and ask questions before testing is scheduled.

Broadwater processes applications throughout the year. Parents of all applicants entering Kindergarten through Grade 12 should complete and submit the Application with a $100 non-refundable fee. Parents of applicants for Pre-Kindergarten pay no application fee but should submit an application.

Candidates for PK3 must be three years old by August 1 of enrollment year, candidates for PK4 must be four years old by September 30 of enrollment year, and candidates for Kindergarten must be five years old by September 30. Parents of Pre-Kindergarten applicants need to schedule an appointment for a visit, and parents of Kindergarten applicants need to make an appointment for testing. The preferred time for visits and testing is in February and March, but we make exceptions for other times as needed.

Parents of applicants in Grades One through 12 should complete a Records Release Form. After copies of a complete set of records are received, an appointment is made for visiting and testing. Students in Grades One through Five spend a minimum of one full day on campus during which they are tested by the Director of Admissions and a classroom teacher. Students visiting in Grades Six through 12 are partnered with a Broadwater Academy student who has similar interests and academic abilities. Students spend a minimum of one day on campus and are tested by individual teachers and the Director of Admissions.

The Director of Admissions will notify parents of the decision of the Admissions Review Committee. If a child is accepted for admission, it should be understood that the place can only be held by a contract and a deposit of $300 for each student or $500 per family. We understand that the admissions process can be difficult for families, and we know we can be helpful in making an appropriate match for your child.